Virtual reality fo fight the COVID

Jorge Maylin - - 2 Min.

How virtual reality can help combat social isolation and its consequences among our elders

Virtual reality fo fight the COVID

Virtual reality fo fight the COVID

The current pandemic has been a very hard event for our elders as well as for the professionals who take care of them in the best possible way; with commitment, affection and empathy.

Although isolation is the main measure to combat the pandemic and avoid contagions, this does not mean that we have to isolate ourselves completely, and even less to isolate those we care for and serve.

Various studies indicate that social isolation has a very high impact on the physical and mental health of our elders. Anxiety, stress, lack of physical activity ... factors that reduce life expectancy, and even more devastating, reduce the QUALITY of life. We have managed to give years to life,, but we must not forget that the focus must also be on giving life to the years.

The main reason Oroi was born was to equip the elderly dependents of the opportunity to live experiences and visit different destinations, activities that, due to factors associated with advanced ages, they can no longer perform. This is even more relevant with the current pandemic.

Thus, through virtual reality, users have the opportunity to return to stroll through the streets of their city, visit natural environments by bicycle or train their cognitive abilities by virtually buying the meal of the day at the butcher or fish shop. A clear example of this experience is DomusVi Villa Sacramento, whose elders enjoy Oroi's virtual reality. "They have a great time, they enjoy themselves, they know new places ... and in a different way some can make part of their dreams come true", says Gonzalo, sociocultural animator of the center. We would like to share with you the experience of DomusVi Villa Sacramento, whose elders enjoy the virtual reality experiences of Oroi. You can access it through the following link.


-Individual sessions. Thanks to our intervention guides already designed and associated with each content, we save the professional's time by reducing the time invested in both preparation of the session, as in the intervention itself.

-Using hygienic covers and disinfecting the devices properly. Contact oroi through the following link for more information.


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