Awakening emotions

We awaken emotions in the elderly through virtual reality.

Our applications

Experiences for cognitive entertainment and stimulation.

Oroi is a virtual reality channel designed to produce emotional wellbeing and train the cognitive functions in elderly people.

We use virtual reality headsets.

360º views of landscapes and situations

Designed for cognitive stimulation.

Metrics and statistics for monitoring and improvement.

Cognitive training.

Improves physical condition thanks to the use of pedals.


Oroi Wellbeing: our app for increasing cognitive wellbeing in the elderly.

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Exercises that simulate typical activities of everyday life.

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The ideal solution for encouraging starting exercise and sticking to it.

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Train your mind wherever you are.

Discover our three applications. You can take a walk in a far-off city, shop at a supermarket, or cycle through a natural setting. What do you feel like today?

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