Oroi: awakening emotions. 

We want to improve the lives of millions of elderly people through the creation of immersive, meaningful and adapted content. Oroi: awakening emotions. 

Why we do what we do

“The first time we visited a senior care home it broke our hearts.”

We see our old folks in wheelchairs, watching TV. A lot of free time, without anything stimulating to do. One of the consequences of getting older is limitation, mainly physical. 
Most of our elderly, especially if they are dependent, can’t leave their homes, travel or go places every day. Not even a stroll around their hometown. Their carers and family members are truly committed to helping them, but unfortunately, there’s no way to bring the outside world to them every day. Until Oroi made it possible.

Meet the team

Why we do what we do

We combat the three great enemies of old age.

Boredom, anxiety, and depression

Boredom leads to multiple emotional problems, including:

  • Feeling useless
  • Feeling life isn’t worth living 
  • Intense restlessness
  • Feeling unloved or neglected

Cognitive impairment

It is estimated that 5% of people aged 71 to 79, 24.2% of 80 to 89-year-olds, and 37.4% of people over 90 have some type of dementia.

Lack of exercise

Obesity, cardiovascular and mobility problems. When older adults participate in physical activities often and intensely enough, the risk of functional limitation and disability is reduced by 30-50%.

We created Oroi to give our elderly the opportunity to have exciting experiences outside their homes based on virtual reality. 

Virtual experiences like visiting villages and cities, natural spaces and castles, cycling in the mountains or boating on a lake.

And all combining entertainment and cognitive stimulation.

Virtual travel

Virtual travel, reminiscence and wellbeing therapies. Combats anxiety and boredom. Brings back happy memories of the past.

Cognitive stimulation

Trains the functions which are impaired by age, helping to combat dementia. Training memory, attention and language.

Physical exercise

Cycling in the mountains or boating on a lake or the coast.

The Solution

Oroi is a platform with therapeutic virtual reality content adapted for elderly users, designed to generate emotional wellbeing and to train the cognitive functions which are impaired by age, such as memory, attention span, and language.
Our platform is an integrated solution which permits activities and therapies in different fields, such as:

The Oroi Team

Meet the team who made this a reality

Adriana Gómez

Head of Neuropsychologist

Amaia Rodríguez

International psychologist

Bernabé González

Head of Content

Erika Álvarez

Commercial Director Spain

Iñaki Aramburu

CPO & Founder

Jorge Maylin

CEO & Founder

Julen Suárez

Head of Development

Linda Hipki

Commercial Director Germany

Susana Calvo

Head of Administration

Unai Eceiza

Head of 3d

Maddi Bercianos

Directora comercial Francia

The Oroi Team

International Partners

Cedric Maizieres

INNo3med (France)

Annie Rambour

INNo3med (France)

The Oroi Team

Board of Advisors

Pedro Muñoz-Baroja

Senior Partner at Easo Ventures

Mariaje Zabaleta

Director General of GSR

Klaudia Lukita

Director of Comprehensive Care at GSR

Alberto Bermejo

Director of Investments at Clave Mayor

Pablo Ayala

CEO Innovae

David Pérez-Villar

Director General at Eywa Space

Mikel Pajares

CTO Innovae