Oroi fit

Oroi Fit. Pedal through the landscapes  you like best.

An innovative system combining the use of adapted pedals with the stimulus and motivation provided by virtual reality headsets. 
Our seniors can enjoy entertaining bike rides through landscapes and cities. 
The ideal solution for encouraging starting exercise and sticking to it.

The Oroi app

We use virtual reality headsets.

State-of-the-art standalone virtual reality devices. No mobile phones required. Ideal for use with people in a situation of dependency.

Immersive experiences

360º views and landscapes.

Enter a world full of possibilities, scenery and natural settings.

Cognitive intervention

Application designed for cognitive stimulation.

Helps the user concentrate by blocking possible distractions.

Physical improvement

Improves physical condition thanks to the use of pedals.

Our application provides exercise almost without effort.

Multiple routes through different settings and natural environments.

Go back to the places you like most or visit the ones you always wanted to see with our application Oroi Fit.

Our routes

Oroi Fit

Motivation to increase engagement.

Oroi Fit: the motivation of virtually visiting other places means that users participate actively in virtual reality therapies and activities.

For VR headsets.

For Tablets.

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