Oroi Cognitive: welcome to the new era of cognitive stimulation for the elderly.

Exercises that simulate typical activities of everyday life. 
Using virtual reality devices helps users concentrate by blocking possible distractions.
With more ecological, dynamic and entertaining settings. For simpler, more effective therapy.

The Oroi app

We use virtual reality headsets.

State-of-the-art standalone virtual reality devices. No mobile phones required. Ideal for use with people in a situation of dependency.

Immersive experiences

360º views and landscapes.

Enter a world full of possibilities, scenery and natural settings.

Cognitive intervention

Application designed for cognitive stimulation.

Helps the user concentrate by blocking possible distractions.

Analysis tools

Cognitive training.

Practical, simple and effective tasks for exercising the mind.

Normal settings from everyday life.

To better adjust the difficulty of the activities to the user’s needs, most exercises are classified by level.


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Name the objects

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